What should Juniors be focusing on?

College Planning 11th Grade: 

Check out this 11th Grade Timeline for a suggested preparation plan.

College Searches & Tours:

Develop a list of colleges to apply for in your Senior year. Start researching colleges that you are interested in, schedule a tour and visit the campus. Tours are critical to developing your list. Students are often surprised when they don't love the college at the top of their list or they loved the college that was at the bottom.

Florida Colleges and Universities - Virtual Visits and Campus Tours

There are a lot of search engines you can use to learn about colleges! Check out a few of our favorites:


Prep, prep, prep for the SAT and ACT! Your score is very important for college admission, Bright Futures and other scholarships! Plan to take the SAT and ACT more than once. Your Senior year will be easier if you can achieve your SAT / ACT scores before then.

Did you know?

College Merit Scholarships, including Bright Futures, typically covers 4 years of college and can range from $8,000- $35,000+.  It is well worth the effort to study and take the SAT / ACT more than once until you achieve your score. The College Resource room is open Wednesdays during lunch, and we offer test prep!

Look at the Bright Futures test score requirements and the Merit Scholarships offered by the colleges/universities that your interested in and aim for these scores.

Welcome Juniors!
~ Class of 2025 ~